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Help Forum

  1. 08 Nov '04 11:59
    This site is highly inacessible, and no effort has been made to cater for non-standard users. this is probably a violation of your US section 508 as well as the uk disability discrimination act...

    {jesus - you dont even have RELATIVE font sizes}

    I recommend you get an accessibility audit quickly ! are highly recommended.
  2. 08 Nov '04 12:04
    Surely if you're using Windows or MacOS you can address these issues locally to best suit your personal requirements.
  3. Standard member Toe
    08 Nov '04 14:06
    It is quite true: there are a lot of accessibility issues on site. The type-size issue you refer to is due to your browser setup by the way (see If you have limited vision, you should definitely override site-specific font sizes wherever you can,
    Other issues (such as Alt tags on images and so on) are still a problem from blind users for example.