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Help Forum

  1. 18 Nov '07 06:51
    Is it possible to agree a draw?
    I read the FAQ and it states a draw is offered on insufficient material, repetition or the 50-move rule.

    However, can you offer your opponent a draw rather than having to move for 50 turns?

  2. Standard member Peakite
    18 Nov '07 09:04
    Actually in both of those two situations a draw must be claimed. The only draw which will be done automatically by the system here is stalemate.

    At any point in the game, click on the 'offer draw' link at the side of the board. Tick the checkbox and make your move. Your opponent can either reject it and move normally, or click on a new (and obvious) link, which appears beside their board, in order to agree to it.
  3. 19 Nov '07 04:22
    There's a link there??
    I must have missed it *embarrassment*