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Help Forum

  1. 28 May '04 10:30
    I (or more accurately my daughter!) have been speaking to AOL for 30mins about the same problem of not receiving auto e-mail notification. We too are on Windows XP, switched to broadband AOL 8 from narrow band and have not received auto notification since (other e-mails (auto generated and ad hoc) are coming through)!! Would someone at RHP technical help discuss with AOL - we too have checked controls, security blocks, preferences etc. and all is fine.

    Very confused and frustrated!:'(
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    28 May '04 11:01 / 2 edits
    Please send feedback from the account that is not receiving email.
    (Link at bottom of every page)

    I will reply as soon as I get your email (unless I'm sleeping 😴 )

    Then, if you do not receive a reply within 24hrs, please post again here or send a PM to me.