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Help Forum

  1. 20 Sep '04 12:41

    I just thought it might be a good idea when setting up a game that you can have an automatic timeout. Obviously the player doesn't have to choose this option then the game could be as normal.

    It could be people who are happy to have stricter time controls like you would do with an OTB game. This would be specified in the invite list so that the oppenent is aware that this strict time control is in place.

  2. 20 Sep '04 15:47
    I like this idea.

    If my flag falls in OTB the game is over. I'd like that option here - plus, if it's in the hands of an automatic process, there's no guilt assigned or assumed with the timeout process.

    I'd add another requirement before this goes in. I'd like the option to grant your opponent extra timebank on mutual agreement. Someone goes on vacation, you can give them an extra 7days (or whatever) in their bank and not worry about the auto-flag kicking them while they're gone.