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  1. 02 Oct '10 16:23
    where is this functionality loated in the site ?

    ie what menu is it under ?

    i cant see it anywhere ?

  2. Subscriber C J Horse
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    02 Oct '10 16:30
    When you're looking at any of your game boards, it's one of the links on the right-hand side. The analysis board opens in a new window.
  3. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    03 Oct '10 05:07 / 1 edit
    Not a good idea to start a second thread on the same topic, before you've given people a chance to see the first one and respond.
  4. 03 Oct '10 19:19
    chill my friend. no need to be the thread police.
  5. 03 Oct '10 19:54
    thanks for the help on the actual question. I think it only shows for subscribers
  6. 03 Oct '10 20:08
    No the analyze board is for all to use. I am a non-subscriber (albeit that may change) and use the analyze board on many games. It is a helpful tool that is unique to RHP and I wish I had one for OTB use. I might actually win some OTB games if I could analyze as I go. The board is located at the lower right side of the actual board. It is a link that reads analyze board. As has been said by others it opens in a separate window. Hope that helps.
  7. 03 Oct '10 20:21 / 1 edit
    hmm i still cant see it/ perhaps its a setting or something strange on my pc blocking it.

    if someone could please copy and paste into the thread the URL of the pop up window of the 'analyze board' (if its not been hidden) that would be great and then i can probably figure out a way to go straight in
  8. Standard member clandarkfire
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    03 Oct '10 21:40
    Here's a screenshot of where the analyze board is for me:
  9. 04 Oct '10 20:09 / 5 edits
    hmmm I ask a serious question and all of a sudden some very strange people get angry for no reason. However this piece of abuse will not be tolerated and has been reported to the administrators of the site.

    if u look at my public games u see that I joined about 2 years ago but just started playing again 3 weeks ago after a years absence, and so yes its perfectly natural to look for a piece of functionality again and no that does not make me a tosser.

    posting angry replies is all some peeps have to do clearly

    however thanks a lot to 'clandarkfire'. I am using chessatwork which is a different skin to the site to your gif. its defo not here on mine .. i will look at the other skins (redhotpawn etc etc) .. and i will probably find it somewhere along the way
  10. 04 Oct '10 20:33 / 1 edit
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    nb: this abuse has been reported to the site administrators
  11. 05 Oct '10 00:56
    Hmmm. Maybe I need to reconsider subscribing. No need for blasting non-subscribers. Thanks for reporting to the administrators.