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  1. 17 Nov '05 21:04
    When I click on "Analyze Board" now, I get a weird display: an Analyze Board with a narrow vertical column to the right of the chess board. And when I try to click on an individual unit to move it, or click on the red directions arrows above the column, nothing happens. Is this a new display? And am I using it incorrectly? Please help.
  2. Standard member WeZeL
    intelligent idiot
    17 Nov '05 21:08
    analyze bord is just to go back into the game to look why things have gone wrong or why you won the game. If you click the back arrow you will normally notice the game going backwards. You can also click on the notes which are the algebraic notations for a move in a game.
    I hope my explanation helped...
  3. 18 Nov '05 02:47
    Hey, WeZel! Thanks for the response. My Analyze Board function is working again, as it used to.
  4. Subscriber pakeha
    03 Jul '06 13:22
    I am now having trouble with the "ANALYZE" link, it don't work

    I am able to
    sometimes "skip"
    NO LUCK with the above or "PRINT"

    also found a ERROR MSG
    LINE: 178
    CHAR: 150
    ERROR: expected ":" - ???? not sure of this one but looks like it
    CODE: 0
    URL: http//