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Help Forum

  1. 10 Nov '06 20:16
    I have been unable to access my analyze board for the last several days. Any idea why this problem should suddenly develope?
  2. Standard member Daemon Sin
    I'm A Mighty Pirateā„¢
    11 Nov '06 00:58
    Check your pop-up blocker and anti-virus software (my money is on Norton arseing it up).
  3. 11 Nov '06 01:12
    Failing that, FF maybe configured incorrectly. Check the java settings.
  4. 11 Nov '06 07:58
    Skip FF, use IE, seldom problems.
  5. 14 Nov '06 01:04
    Thank you one and all.
  6. Standard member Ragnorak
    For RHP addons...
    14 Nov '06 15:33
    Originally posted by donpon2
    Thank you one and all.
    Out of interest donpon, what browser were you using, and how did you fix the problem?