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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 22 Aug '02 20:39
    I would very mutch enjoy any tips or tricks. Thanks!!!
  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    25 Aug '02 20:38
    There are some very good teachers on here...just ask to play them a
    game and they should help you always keep your eye on
    the Theory Forum...lots of good talk there!

  3. 22 Sep '02 19:05
    Best advice I can give is this: Take your time. After you decide on a
    move, stop. Check to make you sure you aren't moving something
    into danger.

    Think: "If I were the opponent, how would I respond to this move?"
    If it seems like the opponent has a good move in response, consider
    making a different move.

    In this format, you have plenty of time to look things over-- get used
    to doing it slowly, and over time you will be able to do it faster, and in
    face-to-face play.

    For starters, that will help a lot. All the strategy in the world doesn't
    make a difference when you go and throw pieces away. Believe me, I
    should know. 🙂