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Help Forum

  1. 07 Oct '13 09:16
    I'm trying out the Android app and I keep getting the error message:

    "Authentication failed - please try again."

    I appreciate that the app is in beta. The Play Store description said to seek support here before leaving a low rating. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place.

    I am using the same login (email address) and password as the website. If I get the credentials wrong then the app doesn't move past the login screen.

    When I enter the right details it moves on to the home page but fails at the "Loading Games" stage and nothing will work (I keep getting the same error). I then have to log out, which also closes the app, to try again.

    App Version 0.1.2 Release 7
    Samsung Galaxy 3 Mini
    Android 4.1.2

    Any ideas or assistance appreciated. Thanks.
  2. 11 Oct '13 08:11
    Hmmm, same here. The app WAS working perfectly until around a fortnight ago, then unexpectedly stopped. Got a message about email and password details being incorrect and server connection difficulties. Uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, but now don't seem to be able to load the widget on my phone (HTC Sensation). App is there, but can't get passed that stage. Tried googling 'RHP app', but no recent info or feedback. A pity, as it was a really useful app, even though I mostly play RHP on my iPad.
  3. 11 Oct '13 08:25
    Just thinking about it, wonder whether app stability has been affected by recent RHP server outage and migration?
  4. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    30 Oct '13 00:38
    Enable the "My Setting/My Site Settinge/Enable Multi Client Login" check box
  5. 01 Nov '13 21:47
    Originally posted by thaughbaer
    Enable the "My Setting/My Site Settinge/Enable Multi Client Login" check box
    Thank you thaughbaer.

    That was easy once you know what to look for!
  6. 17 Nov '13 16:24
    Sorted here too, many thanks.