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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    05 Dec '01 11:40
    I apoligize for not playing my games as often as I would like. I am
    having problems with my computer at home right now and can only
    access the site at work. That limits me a lot. Also, I'm sure I drag
    games out. I just like to finish what I started and enjoy the game. I
    also don't do too well either, but hate to give up. Until I get my
    computer fixed, I'll be a little slow.
    Thanks for your understanding!
  2. Donation fexkorn
    06 Dec '01 16:57
    I was having a problem w/ my computer in the beginning. I could
    access the site but was unable to move my pieces. It turned out that
    it was simply a matter of switching to network navigator from Aol
    search. I don't know why that made a difference, but it did. I hope
    you get yours up and running. Challenge me when you do
  3. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    07 Dec '01 02:46
    Thanks! It's doing better. There are still times where I have
    problems. I'm sending you a challenge soon. Don't destroy me! :o)