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  1. 03 Oct '10 09:02
    How can I (non-subscriber) archive a not-finished game?
  2. 03 Oct '10 12:51
    Originally posted by KDOkma4
    How can I (non-subscriber) archive a not-finished game?
    Click "Manage Games" (top of page, just under button bar, right-hand button). Place checkmark in box after desired games. Click "Move to folder" from menu on the left, underneath the folder tree. Choose desired folder (presumably "Archive" ) from pop-up box.
    It's a bit of a roundabout way of doing it, compared to normal, but that's because it isn't normally an advisable thing to do.
    By the way, using this you can also arrange your archived and/or active games in sub-folders. For example, you could have one folder for tournament games, one for clan games, and one for miscellaneous.

  3. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    03 Oct '10 12:54
    Use the "manage games" clickable header on the MyGames page.

    The real question is, why would you want to? If the opponent's left the site, click the skull when it appears; if you hate the guy and don't intend to play the game out, but don't want to give him the satisfaction of resigning, he'll get the timeout win which is worth the same rating points anyway.