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  1. 27 Nov '04 00:31
    whats a archive? if u put u're games into an archive does that mean they aren't public anymore? what if u put a game in progress in an archive. can u still continue to play the game?
  2. Standard member Saint Nick
    Pimp of the elves
    27 Nov '04 04:29 / 1 edit
    Yes, you can continue to play games in the archive, but I don't think they will show up as a "waiting game".
    the archive is a place to save your games. Normally people just put their finished games there. You can put active games there if you want (i.e. opponent quit moving and it has a very long time out). You just have to remember to go back and check on those games.
    Archived games remain public.

    The acrchive simply prevents having several hundred games on 'my games' page.
  3. 27 Nov '04 04:33