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Help Forum

  1. 23 Oct '04 22:01
    I am new. I was playing three games and went to the managed games and clicked on archive thinking this would save the games when they were over. To my surprise now there are no games in My Games but they seem to be in a My Archived games. Does this mean that the games have dissapeared to my opponents? are they still running? what can I do so that those games show up when I click on My Games?
    Any help greatly appreciated
  2. 23 Oct '04 22:03
    Never mind....I found out what to do ...shame on me
  3. Standard member SirLoseALot
    Shut Gorohoviy!
    24 Oct '04 05:34
    Hehe,no need to fear about saving games here.In fact,it's impossible to get rid of them 🙂