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Help Forum

  1. 11 Feb '03 23:34
    Re. post abusive language , tournaments forum. Breif summary follows.
    Game 156184 (It's a KnockOut) contains unquoteable insult. I would like to see
    player Skinnybiscui eliminated from the tournament. mwmiller suggested a
    message-off function, that seems a good idea. I know this is a bit of an exception
    but I would appreciate any thoughts.
    Thanks - Chris.
  2. 12 Feb '03 18:27
    I've decided to let these games time out and simply refuse to play against someone who uses the most obsene language I've come accross. In addition to this I strongly suspect that he is using a program to play the games. Although impratical it might just be possible to have some fellows refereeing in such instances. On ICS for example you would get barred if this happened. Although nothing would stop the same undesirable joining again at least it might help ensure that tournament games are kept clean.
    I'm totally disgusted.
  3. 13 Feb '03 08:19
    One more chance. I'll pllay on.
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    13 Feb '03 23:54
    Sorry not to follow up your posts - just thought I would let you know they have been read.

    If anything happens again, please let me know, and I will take action.

  5. 15 Feb '03 08:20
    Thanks a lot Russ and really sorry to bother you like this.