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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Shiva
    22 Sep '09 18:52
    I only see the pieces on the board. The black and white squares are missing. I lost my queen by guess work play. Please help?
  2. 22 Sep '09 19:13
    have you tired turning it off and on again?
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    23 Sep '09 11:30 / 1 edit
    Try holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys while simultaneously clicking the refresh button in your browser and see if this helps reload the images.

    If not, check your browser does not have background images set off.
  4. 03 Oct '09 14:15
    try a new board style - i was using the alpha-style pieces , and they became
    invisible - but changing the piece-style cured the problem
  5. 20 Oct '09 00:19 / 2 edits
    i don`t know aboutthat sorry.can you tell me how to get to the board.don`t know a thing about this site.plese help thanks.

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