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Help Forum

  1. 08 Nov '03 18:43

    When you select the style of your board/Pieces (wood, paper, medievel etc) would it thn be possible to choose your Pieces and board background seperately?
  2. Standard member SirLoseALot
    Shut Gorohoviy!
    09 Nov '03 14:55
    You can choose to see coordinates or not,the size of the board and the pieces.That's it.
  3. 09 Nov '03 23:22
    Yes, I like using the wood pieces, it is easier for me to distinguish the pieces, as sometines with the others I really have to concentrate on which piece is which as they look alike. But I am a traditionlist, and like a black/white board. Unfortunately you cannot mix and match the two. :'(
  4. Standard member SirLoseALot
    Shut Gorohoviy!
    10 Nov '03 01:25
    Nope,you can't 🙁
    Maybe Russ will read this and make it possible.I don't think it would be hard to do.😵