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    09 Feb '02
    08 Jun '02 03:53
    I use a browser called "opera".It's the best browser I've ever used.Why does'nt it work right with the RHP site.The chess board is displayed as a rectangle with holes in it.
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    08 Dec '01
    08 Jun '02 07:02
    I ran into that same problem. My crude, misinformed understanding is that RHP purposely displays
    differently depending on whether you are running Netscape or Internet Explorer, and that (maybe)
    anything not IE is treated as Netscape. Not sure the need for the different displays, maybe something
    buggy in the way Netscape worked????
    However there MAY be a workaround for you:
    For one of my current browsers the workaround was to change the "browser identification",
    (apparently how it ids itself to websites) to Internet Explorer 5.5 on a Windows 2000 machine (It's
    really Konqueror on a Linux box). This got rid of the radio buttons and returned RHP to the nice chess
    set and let me use the browser I wanted.Yeah!

    You may be able to do the same in Opera; according to their website, and I merely quote:
    "you can also experiment with your "Browser identification" setting in "File/Preferences.../Network".
    Change the "Identify as..." "

    With my browser, there were a variety of choices of IE versions and Windows OS's to choose from;
    for whatever strange reason, only the above combo worked for me...Point is, if one setting doesn't
    work, try another.

    Let me know if it helps...always curious if my suggestions ever work....probably not 🙂

    Good luck!
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    09 Feb '02
    08 Jun '02 13:28
    thank you ,I tried that it didn't work. Go to "".It's the world
    wide web consortium.They establish guide lines for web sites.On the
    home page go to HTML VALIDATOR . I ran a check on RHP and it
    said "NO CHARACTER CODE DETECTED'. It still does'nt make sense
    that it would work on other browsers
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    11 Jun '02
    24 Jun '02 00:35
    Hardly any websites out there actually pass the w3c validator, and most nowadays
    are written with only IE in mind, which is annoying. I use Mozilla, and have
    the same problem... I can still play fine, but it does look a bit ugly. IE is
    a lot more forgiving with bad html code, which is why most pages show ok with
    IE, but not with other browsers.
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