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  1. 13 May '08 16:25
    Hi all,

    I can't see my question elsewhere on the site FAQ or this forum, so here goes...

    Is there any way to cancel/withdraw a game pair that has been assigned to you by the Clan master? I have a pair of games (the usual white and black) that has started, but that I've not yet made a move on, and I was hoping that I could cancel or withdraw it somehow. I've changed my clan settings to stop further games being given to me, but this one appeared at about the same time.

    There's no Bin icon on the games (with 0 and 1 moves, respectively), so is the only way to do this to offer a Resignation (and take the rating hit), Draw (don't imagine the opponent will accept), see if the Clan master can retract the game, or just play both games out? Is there no easy way to cancel this pair of games?

  2. Standard member Bedingbedang
    commente moi donc ça
    13 May '08 16:47
    There's no way to cancel the game. If you resign before making 3 moves your rating is unaffected but the games will count as losts towards the clan challenge (and your clan won't appreciate that).
  3. 13 May '08 23:27
    Ahh, I'd better just play out the games, then.

    Thanks for the reply. 🙂

  4. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    14 May '08 04:44
    Also, keep in mind that you might still get some clan matches for a little while, because there's probably some challenges sitting out there. If they get accepted, you'll have those games too. Just play them. That's all.
  5. 14 May '08 10:35
    If you go unavailable for challenges you wont get any more games - I would check that you clan leader is setting fair challenges for you and checking the other players rating ideally before they set up challenges.

    Alot of clan leaders have a habbit of setting up mismatched challenges that give the other side an advantage while making sure they get a fair match lol.

    Thats why I created my own clan in frustration my friend but eventually I got sick of the workload which comes with being boss of your clan.