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Help Forum

  1. 27 Oct '07 01:44
    I have been having trouble with the blitz site for the past day or so, as every time I go on the site it appears as though 0 players are in the "waiting area", but I know that this is not true as I check every hour or so. I'm not sure why this is happening, as I have been able to get on and play before countless times. What gives?
  2. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    27 Oct '07 04:44
    i just went in and found no players in there. it worked fine for me last night.
  3. 27 Oct '07 04:47
    I have been very pleased with the blitz site so far and have never disconected, yet I see the same. It isn't the first time the blitz site has been down. I'm sure the error will be corrected in the near future. The best advice I can give is to subscribe to this site or to try to find an alternate site for blitz play.
  4. 27 Oct '07 15:45
    Ok, I'll wait a while to see if the error is corrected. Thanks.
  5. 28 Oct '07 01:44
    ..just so ya know... you're not imagining anything! I played Blitz for a couple of weeks w/ no problem; then a few days ago I too, also see "0 users" when I go there now.

    Also, shouldn't I be able to "offer" a game whether there are other users or not??

    ... I'm sure it must be broken or getting an upgrade... (*shrugs*) ... lottsa fun!!

    Meanwhile, you can try this site... there are some good blitz players there:

    ..unfortunately, I'm having some kind of "Java issue" there... even though I've upgraded to the latest and greatest, it's still a "no go" for me... but a friend has no problems whatsoever, .... go figure, eh?? 😀
  6. 28 Oct '07 18:55
    2 days off line "0 Players", Will be fixed?
  7. 28 Oct '07 21:01
    I sent feedback on the 26th.