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  1. Standard member fez
    16 Dec '04 00:07
    I have a league game that was never started. The timebank ran out and I cannot delete the game. My opponent is white and never made his starting move. It seems that he hasn't logged onto the site for a few weeks and I'm not sure he even knows he's in a league game. I cannot claim a win and cannot delete it.

    Is there a way I can resolve this? Game 812011


  2. 16 Dec '04 15:53
    Games that are not direct challenges (clan games, tournament games, siege games etc) you cannot delete. You can timeout your opponent and archive the game, but you cannot delete it.
  3. Standard member fez
    16 Dec '04 23:41
    I'm not able to claim a win. It's just sitting there. I suppose I'll just archive it. It's pretty annoying though.
  4. Standard member orfeo
    Missing 285 + 1
    19 Dec '04 02:01
    If it's really not possible to claim a win, I would raise the issue with Russ. If it's a league game, the league won't be able to finish without ALL games finishing.
  5. Standard member Ragnorak
    For RHP addons...
    19 Dec '04 02:12 / 2 edits
    Somebody mentioned this happening to them in the general forum as well. It may well be that it is a bug to do with clan leagues which is a new feature.

    Send feedback and detail exactly what happened including game ID.

    [EDIT] I guess its not so important to you now that the game is underway, but you should let Russ know any way so he can fix any problem that there may be.

    [EDIT2] This is the other thread that I was talking about...