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  1. Standard member zakkwylder
    Mouth for war
    13 Oct '05 15:40
    I got on this morning and moved on a couple games. Then suddenly, I was on this one game and it wouldn't let me move any of the pieces. So I hit refresh, and the pieces have disappeared. I don't know where they went but they're gone. So are the icons in the "my games" menu showing what type of game it is. I can't see anybody's star eirther. I can see the clan banners, and forum avatars. Someone suggested logging out and logging in but I can't log out. The site won't let me. I tried restarting, that won't help. If anyone has any info that can rectify this, please let me know. Until it's fixed, I'm on vacation.
  2. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    13 Oct '05 15:42
    Empty your cache and history.
  3. Standard member zakkwylder
    Mouth for war
    13 Oct '05 15:43
    Update- I can't see my vacation flag, my ratings graph, the "home" icon at top left of the page, nor the post button in the threads.
  4. Standard member zakkwylder
    Mouth for war
    13 Oct '05 18:11 / 1 edit
    It turns out to be a problem specifif to Firefox. I can view the site normally with IE. Still can't make heads or tales of ithe problem, but at least I can move.
  5. 13 Oct '05 18:31
    Did you try X. suggestion and empty your cache and cookies?
  6. 13 Oct '05 18:48
    Why cant we delete our finished tournys from our own lists and just leave tournys we are still active in????
  7. Standard member zakkwylder
    Mouth for war
    13 Oct '05 18:49
    I found the cache folder and interestingly enough the only thing in there was some Adobe reader file. I finally found my cookies folder and there was nothing in it(except the index). I'm still getting used to XP, I used Win98 for the longest time, so I'm still feeling out the new system. Not really sure where alot of things are.
  8. Standard member Frank Burns
    Great Big Stees
    14 Oct '05 19:22 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by XanthosNZ
    Empty your cache and history.
    X is right, although you are making it harder than it need be Zak.

    Look up at your Tool Bar and select Tools, Internet Options (look for the Temporary Internet Files under teh General tab). Click Delete Files.

    I had this same problem just a while back and the guys on the site set me straight on this one.