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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Donation Danforth
    Vive le Québec!
    05 Jun '02 16:06
    I need some help with my game id: 85977. I want to make a castle
    (the best move possible) but I'm not allowed to. The thing is that I
    know that I'm allowed to make this move. I never moved my king or
    my tower, my king is not check, and it won't be if i make the castle.
    So this is a major bug! Is this happened to somebody else? Or maybe
    I missed something....

  2. 05 Jun '02 16:51
    but you had already moved your king to take the white bishop........
  3. Donation Danforth
    Vive le Québec!
    07 Jun '02 00:46
    LOL! Yes it's true.... I've just forgot this move! Thank you GrayKnight
    for wake me up!