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  1. 12 Oct '02 19:27
    I'd like to make a suggestion. It would be great if we could be able to
    take off a move, or to go back to a particular move in a game and
    restart from there, if the opponent agrees. There might be something
    around to do this, but I haven't seen it. I have two reasons for
    suggesting this:

    1) You might be playing a good/equal opponent, and it be a really
    good challenging game from both sides. And you or your opponent
    make a really stupid foobar move. From that perspective, a win
    doesn't mean so much, it would be a lot more stimulating game to let
    that move pass. Not to be used too often in this situation though --
    you got to take your lumps sometimes!

    2) You're playing a young opponent, someone learning the game.
    They have to take their lumps too, to learn the game. Sometimes
    though it might be more instructive to let the game continue, less the
    bad move, and let them continue on/develop that same strategy they
    were using while it is still fresh.

    There's a fine line here. I'm not suggesting something to go back
    and erase every bad move or to be used indescriminately. That
    cheapens the game, and maybe this site, IMO. Just something to be
    used once in a great while. I'm not sure how that could be configured
    or enforced though ...

    Just a suggestion ...
  2. 12 Oct '02 20:14
    I've had similar thoughts except it might be a problem to administer
    as you say. My thoughts were along the lines of . OK, a bad
    move/mistake is made and the game is then lost. However, a facility
    to go into an 'archived' game and to resume it from a certain point
    would be a great, provided that both parties wanted to. The 're-
    commenced' game would have no affect on rating etc.
    Just my humble thoughts.
  3. 12 Oct '02 20:56
    Good ideas MartinS,

    Maybe the thing to do is:

    The "OK" to allow this is defaulted to "NO" on a new game, and both
    parties have to expressly change it at the start of a game to be
    effective. If the challenger offers it in the challenge, the other person
    can agree or not agree. If the challenger doesn't offer it, then it is
    not a option to the other person. Then, if the game is a public game,
    by accepting to continue less the move, you resign the game for
    ratings, and the game from that point on turns into a private game.
  4. 13 Oct '02 11:00
    As i see it there's nothing to agree. It would be just like starting a
    fresh game but using an archived game from a certain point; either
    player could say "look that was a dumb-ass move, do you want to
    reply fromt he archive when this is done?". Seeing as the fen for each
    archived game is available I don't see any technical difficulties.

    All it needs is for the ability for players to choose to start a game from
    any point in any archived game.

    just my tuppence ;-)
  5. 14 Oct '02 01:21
  6. 16 Oct '02 00:33
    Well, with the exception though that if it was a "button" you could
    push while still in the game, it would be a little different though. The
    strategy you were using would be fresh in your mind VS replaying the
    game afterwards, and seeing {{possibly}} other moves you would do
    different this time.