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Help Forum

  1. 23 May '11 20:55
    How can I change my username's shape?

    arminsong to ArminSong
  2. 23 May '11 21:13
    You can try sending feedback, because it is only a minor change they might consider it. Don't get your hopes up though, I'm not sure if they do these kind of things. I haven't tried changing my name from yashin to Yashin because I just don't care 🙂

  3. Subscriber KingDavid403
    King David
    25 May '11 11:50 / 3 edits
    Your username is final once you created it on this site.
    It should have warned you of this when you created it.
    I remember seeing the warning when I created mine.
    Like the poster above stated you can always try by sending feedback and asking. But I wouldn't hold your breath.
    The send feedback link is at the bottom of any and every RHP page under "Support". Good luck.