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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 06 Jul '03 13:05
    A game between Phill Bell and me was declared a checkmate. Phill's king was in check by my queen, but it was not checkmate. It was close, but his king had places to move. I was materially very far ahead and checkmate was coming soon, but this could happen in a
    close game and someone may be tagged with a loss unfairly. Please advise.
  2. 06 Jul '03 13:41
    Game 219655 was declared a checkmate. It did not record as a win for me in the win column, but our ratings were adjusted. Could this game be restored? Please advise.
  3. 11 Jul '03 01:13
    Russ or Chrismo,
    Just a reminder-game 219655 has not yet been restored. It was erroneously declared a checkmate.
  4. 11 Jul '03 02:06
    Message Russ using the internal inbox. Russ is more likely to see it and fix it for you.