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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 04 Mar '04 14:39
    I would be cool if there was a forum where good players gave lessons to the newer players. Or maybe the owners of RHP could bring in some chess experts to give lessons through the site. The tools are already here....
  2. 05 Mar '04 03:29
    I think that this site lacks the necessary interactivity to be useful as an teaching tool. Not that I'm a chess teacher, or something like, I'm a bigtime woodpusher, but I think that a more interactive tool, like ICC, are more apropriate.

    BUT, when I find someone that knows less than me in chess, I'm happy to tell him/her something about the King's game. After crushing he/she, of course. ­čśÇ

    I used to point to some sites, like, or I think these are good starting points into learning or improving chess. Someday I myself will use them, and, with some luck, improve my own chess...

    What can be done, AFAIK, is some good player posting analysis for games played here, in a forum, by request. I think has something like this feature.