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Help Forum

  1. Standard member kazonline
    06 Feb '05 10:59
    cant claim timeout
  2. Standard member Nyxie
    The eyes of truth
    06 Feb '05 11:04
    Originally posted by kaz
    cant claim timeout
    Wait a day. The server was down for upgrades and I believe all times have been adjusted accordingly.

  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    06 Feb '05 15:07
    Timeouts have been suspended for a few days to enable everyone to get to the new servers. Sorry about this, but it is only fair in this situation.

  4. 08 Feb '05 14:33
    Calim Win......STILL not working..... any help?
  5. 08 Feb '05 14:37
    Mine wont let me claim the win in which i'm entitled to. pfffffffffft. Taxi for the other player.
  6. 08 Feb '05 14:52
    Not only was the timebank extended longer than the server was down..... but the claim win hasn't worked for 3 days .... how long will this go on? I can't play more games until i clear the ones that aren't playing off my list.

  7. 08 Feb '05 17:12

    Any idea on how long the claim win is going to be suspended? As you are already aware, the timebanks were given credit (and then some) for the short outage, so I really don't understand this extra wait. I even have a game that is over the normal move limit, and the timebank hasn't started ticking yet.

  8. 08 Feb '05 17:21
    Just saw the thread in announcements that deals with this...thanks for the hard work.
  9. 09 Feb '05 18:21
    2 players have not moved in time how do i claim win
  10. 12 Feb '05 06:55
    If any ability to claim victory is DISABLED (this wasn't described in the help or faq's), the entire site should SUSPEND OPERATIONS COMPLETELY until the game can resume by the rules agreed to by both parties prior to the start of the game.
  11. 12 Feb '05 06:57
    Originally posted by steve5
    2 players have not moved in time how do i claim win
    ask your opponent to resign