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  1. 04 Jun '04 10:30
    I play with a guy who let me wait over 10 day before he did his next move. I renounced to claim the win, because I would give him the chance to play on. - I really dislike winnig by move timeout.

    But now there are another four days elapsed without a move of him.

    How can I claim the win now?

    Kind regards and thanks in advanced,

  2. 04 Jun '04 10:38
    If you go to "My Games" you will get a list. From there you will see a skull to claim the t/o. You can also send reminders too.
  3. 04 Jun '04 10:52
    Yes, that was before the timebank has run out.
    After that my opponent has moved one time and the skull and the reminder are gone.

    What now??? 🙂
  4. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    04 Jun '04 10:54
    You'll have to wait for the time out to expire again and then the skull will return.