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  1. 04 Jun '04 10:30
    I play with a guy who let me wait over 10 day before he did his next move. I renounced to claim the win, because I would give him the chance to play on. - I really dislike winnig by move timeout.

    But now there are another four days elapsed without a move of him.

    How can I claim the win now?

    Kind regards and thanks in advanced,

  2. 04 Jun '04 10:38
    If you go to "My Games" you will get a list. From there you will see a skull to claim the t/o. You can also send reminders too.
  3. 04 Jun '04 10:52
    Yes, that was before the timebank has run out.
    After that my opponent has moved one time and the skull and the reminder are gone.

    What now???
  4. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    04 Jun '04 10:54
    You'll have to wait for the time out to expire again and then the skull will return.