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Help Forum

  1. 07 Jan '09 23:16
    I claimed a draw by repetition because my opponent and I made the same move three times.

    Do I need for this to be approved by a moderator? Nothing is happening in the game.

    I am afraid to just stop playing because I don't want my opponent claiming a time out win, so now I am moving again.
  2. Standard member dweezil
    Canuck savant
    08 Jan '09 00:07
    When you make the move that you believe to be a third repetition, you have to tick the check box that appears when you click the claim draw button. Keep in mind that the position of all the pieces on the board have to be identical. The system will then give you the draw when you hit the submit button to make your move.
  3. 08 Jan '09 00:37
    I think maybe his queen was on a slightly different square now that I think about it. But thanks for responding anyway, I appreciate it. 🙂