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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    05 Jul '01 02:51
    It has been over 7 days since my opponent has moved. There is an
    option for me to Claim Win. Should I? I sent another reminder
    before I decide. I am new to this site and it has been a while since I
    have played chess. It has been frustrating waiting on my opponent to
    move. I have wanted to play others, but wanted to wait. Thanks!
  2. Donation tom
    Missing in action
    06 Jul '01 09:27
    It's not sex - you're allowed to play chess with more than one person
    at a time.

    If you've sent the reminder, and given them time to reply, I'd claim
    the win - assuming they havn't told you they're on holiday or
  3. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    06 Jul '01 15:22
    Thanks for your help. I sent at least 3 reminders and it has been
    over 10 days since the last move.