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Help Forum

  1. Standard member dfm65
    The Godfather
    08 Sep '04 17:36
    Hi Russ & Chrismo, here's some suggested changes to the clan system, which i think would improve it. None of it is urgent, and i know you guys are busy...

    1. at the moment, clans are rated merely on how many battles they win, and how big these battles are. this merely rewards the most prolific clans, and bigger clans naturally get an advantage. how about rating according to percentage of clan battles won/drawn/lost? and perhaps, factor in the strength of those clans. after all, individual ratings are not based just on how many games have been won, but on the relative strength of opponents. but just the percentage bit would be an improvement...

    2. when responding to a challenge, it would be great as clan leader to be able to see who has been included in the opposing side. similarly, it would make things easier if when challenging, there on the team selection screen were the names and ratings of players in each clan, so as to be able to pick the fairest side.