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Help Forum

  1. 03 Apr '08 22:09
    Where do I see my club rating?
  2. 04 Apr '08 00:45
    Originally posted by Superman
    Where do I see my club rating?
    You can find your club rating in two places: on the club table and on the members page.

    Looking at the table only Kenan has completed the necessary 20 games to have an established rating.

    Searching through the forums, you have yet to play a single club game and therefore you have a provisional 1200 rating.
  3. 04 Apr '08 13:19
    Do I have one rating for each club? Or is it one rating for all club playing together?
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    04 Apr '08 14:33
    A rating for each club.

  5. 07 Apr '08 15:32
  6. 08 Apr '08 04:58
    Can the club listing include the players regular rating as well as the club one? It makes it rather difficult to find a suitable opponent within the club listing.