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Help Forum

  1. 05 May '06 11:49
    I have completed 5 rated games, won them all, but my rating still says p 1200. i am just curious as to whether there is a time lag whilst ratings are calculated or if there is something else. I am keen to get my rating up on this site so I can start games against players closer to my playing strength.


  2. 05 May '06 11:54
    Hi again,
    having just completed my 6th game, my rating was immediately updated.
    so it appears that you must complete SIX rated games before you receive a grading! ;-)
    feel free to delete this post. i'm not sure how...
  3. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    05 May '06 12:21
    No, five games. Five rated games. Out of your first five, you've played four rated games.