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  1. Standard member leestatic
    Hristos voskrese
    02 Oct '05 02:44 / 1 edit
    I keep getting the blue screen of death with the message IRQ not less or equal, my heroes at microsoft are "working on it" or so it says after i send the error report­čś× im almost sure it's a driver problem and if so is there a way to specify which driver is causing this problem?

    Edit: nothing useful in the event log
  2. 02 Oct '05 03:11
    Take stick and smash computer.
    Anyways have you installed any new programs lately?
    Can you get into windows?
    If so attempt a system restore.
    If you cant then the windows cd will have a system repair. You will have to boot with the CD to get this option. (at least XP does)
    It is possable your hard drive has a crupt file.'
    My computer crashed about 5 mounths ago, the hard drive failed. came up with loads of blue screens and strange error messages.
  3. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    02 Oct '05 14:01 / 1 edit
    I know this may sound like a "Don't you think I would have thought of that.." but.. what were the last driver changes, or hardware additions you did if any?
    If no changes at all recently, you could try Loading BIOS defaults, set the section that says OS PNP to NO. Those are some quick things to try.
    If you recently were in your system moving cards around.. put them back to the way they were.. or.. reset them all and in different places...
    The problem is most likely a driver, but can be caused by a hardware issue too, not necessarily bad hardware, but something just not right.. Like bios setting, etc.
  4. Standard member Bowmann
    02 Oct '05 17:48
    Originally posted by leestatic
    microsoft are "working on it" or so it says after i send the error report...