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  1. 24 Jan '10 10:09
    I know I'm expecting alot but is it a bug that conditional moves dont allow en passant?

    I think castling is the same?
  2. 24 Jan '10 17:36
    Here are some recent threads about conditional moves:

    Thread 124312
    Thread 121331
    Thread 122579
    Thread 104192

    You could also use "send feedback" at the bottom of each page or wait here for zozozozo/Daemon Sin/FabianFnas to show up with the answer.
  3. Standard member Daemon Sin
    I'm A Mighty Pirateā„¢
    24 Jan '10 18:36
    There was an issue with En Passant in Conditional Moves but that was fixed quite a while ago. It should be possible to do both through conditional moves.

    See Thread 104417.