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Help Forum

  1. 28 Sep '10 02:56
    I follow the bread crumbs to a window that would help me promote a pawn or offer a draw but has no provision for keying in moves. If I wanted to do either of those things. Can anyone tell me how I input the proposed move from the foe and input my conditional response??
  2. 28 Sep '10 22:17
    Underneath the "Submit Move" button are several optional actions including "Conditional Moves". Clicking that takes you to a screen very similar to the "Analyze Board" screen. Read the instructions. I think basicly you make the opponent's move and then your response to that move. If the opponent does make that move then the RHP computer will move your piece for you automatically.
  3. 29 Sep '10 03:19
    Thank you, Tex. I'll get right on it.