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Help 23 Dec '21 12:06
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    04 Apr '09
    23 Dec '21 12:06
    I am trying to create a new folder but I already have too many. I tried to empty an old folder so I could delete it by;
    1. going to "manage games"
    2. selecting a folder
    3. Clicking on "select all" - check next to all the games in that folder comes up.
    4. Clicking on "move"
    5. Selecting the archive file.
    The check mark next to the games to be moved disappears but I cannot delete the folder because I get a message saying the folder is not empty.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks, Bob Mathews
  2. Subscribermwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    25 Feb '01
    23 Dec '21 13:041 edit
    1.When you complete moving the games out of the folder you want to delete, and then click on that folder, do you see any games remaining, or does it appear empty?

    2. What happens if you exit the 'manage folders' section, go to my games page, then go back to 'manage folders'? Are the games still in that folder or did they actually move?
    3. As a last resort, you can perhaps just rename that folder instead of trying to remove it.
    <Edit> This also just occured to me. If you have more than one page in a folder, you will need to move games from each extra page as a seperate procedure. "select all" only selects all games on the page you are on, so must be repeated for each page.
    Post back here if any of this helps sort the problem! 🙂

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