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Help Forum

  1. Standard member RONOC
    On a wave
    31 Dec '06 21:18
    ok here it is and yes I've checked the faq and tried the suggested method so here go, while playing a game with a friend of mine, I want to create a link to another game so when I message him after a move the link will appear when he next looks at his game in the area where his usual message would be, and then he should be able to press on it and see the game I want him to look at.
    I've tried doing this....Game 2833760 but haven't had any luck, when my friend looks at his screen he just gets the black text as if it were writen the way it is where am I going wrong, make it simple for the less computer literate as I am thanks
  2. Standard member RONOC
    On a wave
    31 Dec '06 21:21
    from what I can see now its worked on this situation above , but why not when I'm making a move and messaging there a different format?
  3. 01 Jan '07 09:06
    It just doesn't work in the in-game messages. Send him a pm with the game link - I'm pretty sure they work in pms.
  4. Standard member RONOC
    On a wave
    01 Jan '07 11:46
    Thanks strangelove, so Russ and all others in the know..WHY NOT? arrrrrrgh!