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Help Forum

  1. Donation rwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    15 Jan '03 04:31 / 4 edits
    Russ, I have tried on two separate occasions to upgrade my pawnstar status, but each time I was given the following message:

    "Credit Card Authorization Failed!!

    Your order has not been processed and no credit card has been billed.
    Reason For Failure: Address Information Entered Does Not Match Bank Records"

    I know my address, but I do not know exactly how the bank has it listed. Maybe they have an extra space after a period or something. How should I know? I just want my wings, not red tape. Please help!
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    16 Jan '03 12:38
    I will take this up with 2checkout - so stay tuned for their response.