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  1. 22 Nov '10 19:32
    Hi all,

    I'm yet to figure out how to use this feature. The CC site I'm used to using uses a scratch board where you input a variation and submit it. Those moves are then played out until either the variation finishes or the opponent breaks from your predictions.

    I try doing the same thing with Deep Mode but it tells me no move was submitted. I'm also wary of experimenting because I don't want to get it wrong and give away a position.

    Is there any instructions for it's use on the site?

  2. 22 Nov '10 21:25
    ok, i figured it out - maybe someone's having similar trouble though?

    1 Enter the conditional moves page and select 'Deep Mode'
    2 You have to specify a position you want to reply to, so make a move for your opponent
    3 Click 'Record Conditional Move' BEFORE you input your response
    4 Specify your response to the position by making a move and click 'Submit'
    5 Return to step 2 as necessary

    I understood it once I realized that instead of inputting a series of conditional moves you are specifying replies to particular positions. These are irrespective of move order. This is a much better system than i'm used to for a simple reason. On the site I'm used to you often have to input the same moves several times because the opponent might vary his response on move 3, for example, leaving a given variation. This process is sidestepped by dispensing with variations and setting responses to particular positions - nice work RHP!

  3. 23 Nov '10 13:07
    This took me a little while to figure out the first time too. Thanks for posting it, I'm sure plenty of people will find it helpful. 🙂
  4. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    24 Nov '10 19:46

    Instructions this clear should be on the page itself. Thanks!