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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Donation buckky
    Filthy sinner
    20 Apr '04 23:46
    I can't seem to delete the sent items. How is it done? Thanks.
  2. 21 Apr '04 00:06
    You can not delete sent messages. They will be deleted from the recipient's mail box when either the recipient deletes the message or the time limit for the message is up.

    Sent messages do not effect how many messages you can have in your inbox, so do not worry about them.

  3. Donation buckky
    Filthy sinner
    21 Apr '04 00:28
    Thanks. That set my mind at ease. Nothing more aggravating than a sent item stuck in limbo.
  4. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    24 Apr '04 12:13
    What I find just as aggrevating is that if the recipient deletes a message you have sent them from their inbox it is automatically deleted from your sent items. This is very frustrating and isn't the way any messaging system I know works.
  5. 29 Apr '04 18:09
    hey i found a typo. at the bottom it says if u suscribe, u can increase your unlocked inbox "from 100 to 100 messages."😀