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Help Forum

  1. 02 Jan '09 17:11
    I have just joined and started 2 games. both of my opponents are nonresponsive. One never has played move 1 as black, the other has not played move 2 as black, and both have time-expired. Your FAQ says "Occasionally this does happen. If it is within three moves (remember moves are counted in pairs) you can simply delete the game. You will not be able to claim the win as the game is too immature."

    But there seems to be no way for me to delete the game. For example, I find there is no word "delete" on the page my game is on.

    So, how do I do this?


  2. 02 Jan '09 17:15
    In your game list look for a trash can icon and click it. You may have to scroll to the right to see the icon.