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  1. 08 Sep '17 04:55
    Originally posted by @montymoose
    Not going to let this one go.

    What was your opponent's full screen name?
    For me to know, for you to find out! Tee hee!
  2. 08 Sep '17 05:02
    Originally posted by @montymoose
    The evidence just keeps piling up!
    You admit you have started a new game with this mystery opponent and now this game shows up on your list?
    Game 12372240
    ROFLOL! It's NOT Kewpie...I swear it isn't. You want another clue? He's from Germany. But that's not what his flag shows.
  3. 08 Sep '17 05:08 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @montymoose
    'Stalking?', Inspector Quimby laughed, 'No madam, just using public records to solve a puzzlement. Now, let's see, your name is QP?'

    'Actually, that's Kewpie.'

    'That's what I said, QP. The evidence is looking strong that you are in fact the mystery opponent whose game disappeared. Any statement?'

    'I don't remember any deleted game.'

    'Oh? Perh ...[text shortened]... thin bead of sweat appeared on QP's forehead. She had not expected this prank to turn so wrong.