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Help Forum

  1. 03 Oct '12 15:35
    I thought I'd give it a try on my HTC One-X, but I cannot make moves properly, either on the game board or the analysis board.

    I can press to select my piece ok, but the press to place it somewhere else seems to result in totally random placement. Sometimes the whole board lights up blue-ish as if it's been highlighted.

    Things work OK if I swap to the board type for legacy browsers, or use the Mobile site ( but then I'm missing the Analysis board!)

    Does anyone else use this browser from a mobile to play on the full site?
  2. 05 Oct '12 15:08
    Similar but different...

    When using a new Nexus 7 to play, moving the pieces on the chess board doesn't work properly. The second tap of the piece frequently moves it to the wrong square. Any ideas as to why this would happen?

    The site works fine for me on my other android device (an HTC Desire) and a PC.

    Very odd.
  3. 12 Oct '12 07:07
    I have the same problem with Chrome on an HTC One XL (running ICS) and a Samsung Galaxy S3 (running JB), so it seems to be a problem specific to the mobile Chrome browser rather than the platform. The stock browser on both works fine.

    Chrome is the default browser on the Nexus 7 which is why Jon is having the same issues.