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Help Forum

  1. 14 Feb '17 13:58
    How can I download a PGN of my games?
  2. Subscriber Ponderable
    15 Feb '17 09:14
    Originally posted by bumps123
    How can I download a PGN of my games?
    You can click on "info" on the game list there is a button: get PGN/FEN.
  3. 15 Feb '17 13:29
    Thanks, I'll do that!
  4. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    15 Feb '17 13:37
    You can also go to the 'my games' page, then go to the upper right part of the page and click 'manage games'. From there you can navigate to your various folders, select the games you want to do something with, then go down on the left side of the page and use the many options that are there.

    You just need to browse around the site and check out and play with the many options to figure out how to do things.

    Use the FAQ links, and the 'site map' link found at the bottom of the page.