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  1. 07 Nov '09 19:08
    Can I get a draw type of a game played here in any simple way? It's not included in PGN specification nor can I see it in the game log. I offered a draw to an opponent and it didn't appear in the log. Should it be so? Seems a bit strange to me as the chat stays there. Do I have to look at the FEN to see if the game ended due to the 50 half-moves rule then at PGN to exlude threefold repetition, at the position again too see if there's a stalemate and then finally I have an idea how the game ended? Well, maybe the sequence should be a bit changed but anyway it isn't very convenient...
  2. Subscriber Ponderable
    07 Nov '09 19:52
    If you look at the game you can easily decide if it has been a stalemate, a threefold repetition or a 50move type or evem the insufficient material type (only Kings on board).

    What you would add is if I understood correctly: Draw offers (and probably claims) so that you know who initiated it. And how exactly would that help anybody with what?

    BTW: There is a forum called "Site Ideas" you better post your ideas there. (Just for the recordw e are in help at the moment)

  3. 07 Nov '09 20:07 / 1 edit
    I don't say it's hard. But one has to do some clicking and looking to know that. It's not in one, easy to reach place. I think it would be good if one wanted just to know the result out of curiosity. And if draw offers and claims appeared in logs there would be simply more about the game history available to a person looking through it.

    I thought maybe I had missed something. That's why I posted here.
  4. Subscriber Ponderable
    07 Nov '09 20:10
    No offence meant, I should probably have added 😉
  5. 07 Nov '09 20:29
    Originally posted by Ponderable
    No offence meant, I should probably have added 😉
    It didn't even come to my mind 😲 I should probably put some smileys to my posts so that no-one thinks I feel offended 🙂 Thanks for the response.