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  1. 07 Jan '04 13:46
    Not sure if this has been brought up before or not, but if it has I wouldnt have seen it as im new here, so here goes anyway...

    At the moment, in the knockout style tournaments, If each player wins a game or draws both ie Player A wins as White and then Player B wins as white, both players go through. Is there no way of adapting the software so that if player A won with a 12 move checkmate and player B won as a 30 move resignation by Player A, then Player A would go through due to the faster win? Kind of tie-breaker.

    In the group type tournaments, say for arguements sake, 5 in a group, if two players finish on the same amount of points, instead of both going through, could the results between the two be taken into account, as what now happens in the Football World Cup etc??????

    Just a suggestion, all thoughts gratefully appreciated, especially by the Site Admin of course...
  2. 07 Jan '04 15:08
    What's wrong with both players going through? It only means there's a few more players for the next round, so some groups will have an extra player. I doubt that it makes any real difference to the length of time it takes to complete a tournament (that's got more to do with the time-out setting and the original number of participants).

    Also I don't like the arbritary nature of your proposed tie-break. Why should a quick win be more valuable than a slower win? Often a game drags on for a long time because some people just don't know when to resign. I don't think it's fair that a player is penalised because his opponent chooses to prolong the game as long as possible.