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  1. Standard member RmX
    Coucou !
    28 Jan '03 12:31
    I tryed (for the first time) to receive a complete email game but I didn't succed in. Why?
    Here's how I did, Anyone can tell me where I'm wrong:
    1) I chose an old archived game in the page your archive by clicking on view board.
    2) I clicked on game history
    3) under the move box there's a eceive email of thisgame. I cliked on it.
    4)On the last screen appeared games have been sent.

    Later, I took a look at my email box. There was, from Red Hot Pawn : your email game. All right! Then I opened the message, and what did I see? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even not a letter or a number. A complete white page!!

    Did I make a bad click or is there another way to do?

    Thanks for anyone who would mind answer me.

  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    28 Jan '03 13:25 / 1 edit
    I just tried downloading an acrchived game, and it all worked correctly.

    Don't know why you were unable to do it. It should arrive as a regular email to the address you registered with.

    <add> I just tried with a different game, and it sent me a blank email, so I guess there is a problem here. Sounds like something for Chris or Russ to add to their list of things to do!!!

    regards, Marc
  3. Standard member RmX
    Coucou !
    28 Jan '03 13:39
    Thanks for attemting help me, Marc. I've tryed againd and got a blank page, like the first times. I hope Chris or Russ (Or anyone who succeeded in!) will be tell us more about this pb, though they must have lot and lot of things to do (Bon courage à eux!)

    Anyway, thank you.