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Help Forum

  1. 08 Aug '04 15:45
    I like to keep up to date with the results of all my Clan games, checking up on my fellow clan mates progress to see how the larger challenge is going. At the momnet that requires to view the board of one of my games (which I may have completed) then click on results.

    In the my Games view to the right of the game ID is a symbol to represent if the game is either a Clan or tournament game. If this symbol could also be a link to the relvent results page that would be really neat, cos I'm really quite lazy 😉

    Just a small thing....
  2. Standard member TheMaster37
    08 Aug '04 18:04
    Good idea!

    I wonder why someone has to see the results in the first place. I imagine that with alot of challenges you easily miss one...