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Help Forum

  1. Standard member pendejo
    16 Oct '04 11:40
    Many Years ago I had a chses computer game that would calculate your elo from a number of setpieces scenarios.

    can anyone advise of a program or website where i can have my ratig calculated?
  2. 19 Oct '04 02:42
    I'd like to know, too...
  3. Standard member Freddie2008
    9 Edits
    19 Oct '04 18:12
    could someone tell me what ELO is. I'm sure it's gonna sound obvious once i've heard it but i cant work it out!😛
  4. 19 Oct '04 19:17
    Didn't chessmaster do that?

    I remember something like that, too ... just a bunch of puzzles and you'd just get a number at the end of it all....

  5. Standard member pendejo
    19 Oct '04 21:21
    i cant remember the name of the program. it was maybe 15 years or so ago.

    sounds like the same idea though, maybe it was chessmaster.

    sure would like to find out what score id get now. i have always had this number (1393) in my mind.
  6. Standard member fawcr01
    Headless chicken
    20 Oct '04 20:05

    See the above for example sites that calculate your ELO. Note that there is a typo in the first post in the link above and it is corrected immediately below it!